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"I went to Eternity Cosmetic Clinic where I met Leanne.  Leanne is a wonderful, caring person who will tell you the truth.  The products she has given me are working very well and I am definitely seeing an improvement in my blotches, pigmentation and whiteheads.  She has given me a lot of helpful tips which I have been taking on board and using.  Many thanks to Leanne."


"I have had problem skin since I was 13, and after countless products (and dollars spent) I was introduced to Leanne's "Super Heal" and "Potent C" products.  The results were phenomenal, within a month I had a new complexion from all natural ingredients."

Devon Z

"I can honestly say that I've never had such an amazing result with a facial than I did with the Oxyjet. There wasn't a red blotch in sight and I even went to visit a friend straight after. She was floored at how amazing my skin looked and thought I was still wearing make-up.

Pores were refined, my skin had an even tone all over, and looked fresh and alive. Fine lines were even finer and pimples very faint. In the morning, my skin was soft, smooth and glowing.

After my second treatment, the results were even more noticeable. The glowing effect lasted longer, my skin didn't go red as often, and blemishes present on the day of the treatment were reduced to nothing."

Scoop Magazine - Autumn 2013 - Click here to download full article.

"I have been visiting Leanne and her team at Eternity Cosmetic Clinic for over 5 years.  This is no ordinary beauty clinic.  Leanne Specialises in serious anti-aging treatments and works with you to find the best solution to get your skin looking and feeling amazing. Leanne is always ahead of the Perth market in terms of introducing new methods of treatment.  Quite often when you hear others advertising the new "thing", Leanne has already been offering the service for a good year or two.  She's dedicated in researching then providing the best treatments from around the world to you. 

I receive many comments on how wonderful my skin looks, which is great as I'm in my 40's and my skin no longer behaves the way it did when I was 20!  I'm always happy to tell them my secret - make an appointment with Eternity Cosmetics and start taking some action against looking old!"


"Eternity provides a very high level and customized level of service. Leanne’s deep knowledge and her range of skin care products have made a big difference to my skin and overall sense of well being. Highly recommended."


"My sisters and I have concluded that the regular facial treatments with Leanne is the reason my skin is “so nice”. Leanne helps my face look plumped and glowing even if I have not had enough sleep the night before. I also try to wash my face twice a day and use the skin products that Leanne recommends. Her IMPACT Ginseng feels and smells good on my face."


"I have been having regular facials at your clinic and using your Impact products for approximately two years and I am very happy with the results. My skin was previously very dehydrated, sagging and lifeless, which as a 58 year old woman living in Perth’s harsh climate, is no surprise. However since using your products and having regular facial treatments, my skin has tightened and there has been a dramatic improvement in its tone and texture.

I now religiously use the following Impact products, morning and night: -

Repair complex


Potent C Complex

Youth Essence

Super Heal – is also excellent for any lesions that occasionally appear.

My skin has never felt so alive and I regularly receive compliments on how much younger I look. I recently went on vacation to Europe and people were surprised when I told them my age, as they thought I was 10 years younger! Of course I took my products away with me and continued my skincare regime, and was pleasantly surprised when on my return you said my skin had retained its hydration and elasticity even after 7 flights and being on the go for 4 weeks.

I am blessed to have found you and your products, you have me as a client for life!"

Karen C

"Leanne and the Eternity team have been treating me since 2011. I am 32 years old and have suffered from persistent cystic acne since I was 15. I came to Leanne when I had tried everything, these ranges from Proactive to 3 rounds of Roaccutane. All of which have had terrible side effects and limited results. 

Since coming to Eternity, Leanne has addressed my bad skin care routines, eating habits and set up unique treatment plans, using specialised products I won’t be able to find myself, that specifically targets my problem areas. Leanne has make a huge difference to my skin and my confidence. I look forward to every session and have recommended her services and products to all my friends.

I am fastidious about my skin care routine due to my issues with sensitive skin and acne. When I first started using the Impact range of products, I started out slowly, buying and using one Impact product at a time. To be honest, I bought them more as supplements to my existing skin care regime (Dermalogica) since I wasn’t sure my skin will adjust well or how effective Impact will be. Well, I didn’t have to worry. The products are gentle and nourishing, over the past couple of years since switching over to only using Impact products, I can see how effective they have been on me.  The Repair Complex is the only moisturiser I need, keeping my skin smooth and supple while not agitating my sensitive skin. I also rely on the Microscrub and Acne Control to manage my breakouts. To help repair, smooth and lighten my scars, I use the super light serum Potent C Complex every night, waking up with a glow every morning. The only thing to look out for is to make sure the products are kept in a cool place, preferably the fridge, since the ingredients used in Impact products are fresh with minimal preservatives. I can confidently say that Impact products have certainly worked on me and have recommended Impact to all my friends."


"I can’t speak highly enough of Leanne and her facials! I have been visiting Leanne ever since she started her business Eternity Cosmetic Clinic, six years ago and I don’t see myself stopping – I’m addicted.  Her treatments leave my face feeling fresh, clean and youthful for days afterwards. The longer-lasting effect of her facials is evident too. I can’t imagine what my skin would be like without Leanne. I enjoy having the microdermabrasion and OXYJET treatments. Most of all Leanne’s attention to detail, care and enthusiasm. Impact products are a cut above the rest and I love the Youth Essence (Advanced Anti-aging Effect)."


"I have been using Repair Complex now for 1 year, and the results have been amazing! My skin used to be dry and flaky but within 3 months of using Repair complex I had friends complementing me on my glowing skin. I now use the product day and night and I’m never going to use any other products again."


"2.5 years ago, I was referred to Eternity Cosmetic Clinic by a dermatologist for treatment of my skin, which was sensitive, a combination of being both oily and dry, and prone to irritation and redness. Leanne has helped me to improve the strength of my skin and I continue to be a loyal client of Eternity cosmetic Clinic. I have complete trust in Leanne to care for my skin and believe she offers the best skin treatment and products available. Thank you Leanne!"


"I am an outdoors person so love the Impact Potent C Complex which helps to protect my skin against sun damage. It is very light ad easily absorbs into the skin. That combined with Oxygen Therapy and Anti Aging facials has noticeable improved my skin!"

Jan D 

"I have tried a lot of products and treatments for my skin and none have been as effective as those recommended to me through Eternity Cosmetic Clinic. I have been seeing Leanne for treatments for over three years now. She is an expert in her field and I wouldn’t trust anyone else, she familiarises herself with each individual client’s needs. The anti –ageing treatments, in particular the Skin Needling, Oxygen Therapy and Skin Firming facials gave me instant results and my skin is recognisably smoother and more radiant. Leanne recommended and custom skincare routine for my skin, which includes the Intact Perfect Volume Cream to moisturise and plump the skin and I absolutely love it. It’s my favourite product! I also use the Impact Cosmetic Q10 Complex which is all natural."


"The ingredients in the Repair Complex, Q10 Complex and Youth Essence serums just seem to balance my skin nicely without being too heavy or too light and I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten fewer breakouts. They were the products that Leanne recommended for my skin type because they were designed to help improve my skin’s strength so that its sensitivity would be reduced over time, thus reducing the occurrence of breakouts and red patches.  I’m so happy with the way my skin looks now-smooth, glowy and soft to touch with no flaky bits, and much fewer breakouts (and lighter acne scars!) so I don’t need to wear as much makeup to cover up my skin anymore.  I couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve seen so far, and am over the moon that my hunt for the “perfect” skin care range for me is over!" 

Lisa E

"My skin has never been better since getting regular treatments at Eternity Cosmetic Clinic. The professionalism, knowledge, quality of care as well as the excellent products is something I recommend to everyone. If you want your skin to look and feel great this is the place to go."


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