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With drastic climate changes, our skin is becoming more prone to problems such as acne, congested skin, fine lines, age spots and pigmentation, as well as sagging. Even adults as young as 25 years of age are facing skin related issues and are looking for remedies to counteract this.

We at Eternity Cosmetic Clinic use the latest technology and effective products to give you skin care treatments that will give you a younger looking skin and take care of your problem areas in no time. One such facial treatment is chemical peels in Perth which will leave you looking your most vibrant self!

Fruit Acid Peels

Also included in a Fruit Acid Peel ONLY at Eternity Cosmetic Clinic:


Face and neck area from $130 per treatment.

Why Chemical Peels In Perth Are Right For You!

Our chemical peels have been especially designed to cater to individual skin types to give you smoother and improved skin by getting rid of the top dead skin layer. You will notice your face will become less wrinkled and visibly rejuvenated and smoother after you have undergone our treatment.

Eternity Cosmetic Clinic provides free consultation before the start of any treatment so that we can discuss your skin type and the best facial treatment in Perth for you. You can also ask our team of highly qualified professionals any questions that you may have regarding our treatments by giving us a call.

Opening Hours

Monday by appointment
Tuesday 9:30am – 7:00pm
Wednesday 9:30am – 7:00pm
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